My Philosophy

There’s more to the skin than meets the eye

My approach is completely holistic, looking good and feeling good for me are two pieces of a jigsaw that need each other in order for women that I work with to feel great in their skin, confident in themselves and experience the energy and flow of life.

To treat YOUR skin, I’m going to be taking a look at ‘the bigger picture which includes how you sleep, health, diet, gut health, hormones, skin care, stress, lifestyle choices and more.

When working with clients, I take a 360 approach, so as well as assessing your skin and understanding your concerns, I look deeper to see what other factors may be playing a part. Our genes for sure play a role in the skin we have, but lifestyle choices, gut health, stress, diet, skincare and more also influence our skin.  Skin is our largest organ and is capable of rejuvenating itself with the correct care. Treatments and products that I use to tailor clients’ treatments and skin transformations have been chosen after thorough research and because of their proven efficacy in producing real skin improvements.

As a qualified Meditation teacher BSoM, I understand the physiological effects of Stress on the body and in my experience of treating clients I've seen firsthand how a client can literally wear the signs of stress on their face.

I have always had a huge personal interest in health, nutrition and wellbeing and whilst I don’t hold any formal qualification around 8 years ago I also became fascinated by our gut microbiome which plays a major role in our health and skin. My endless personal fascination with skin science and health is something that filters through into my business for the benefit of my clients. [Discover meditation course]