My story

Over 30 years ago when I qualified as a beauty therapist my dream was to own a salon that only offered facial treatments. Way back in the 80s, I thought all you had to do was make a client ‘look pretty’ and all would be dandy. My own life experiences and working with clients over more than three decades have taught me that looking and feeling good is really not the same thing, but are inextricably connected. Having one without the other can create a lack of balance and harmony in life. 

Eight years ago I lost my mum, gave up my beauty business, moved to Switzerland with my children and then husband, things fell apart, we moved back to the UK and got divorced, all within six months!  It was a very stressful time and unsurprisingly I developed chest pains.

Setting up my business again was a real saviour, which sent me down a new road of discovering massage in a new way, I added to my knowledge and experience by taking additional training courses  – I could really see the value in helping clients to relax and unwind – working like this actually made me relax, I was benefiting too! Some of my teachers were really enlightened in their intuitive methods of working. This really fed my thirst for health and well-being and a true discovery of the mind and body connection. At the same time, I began experimenting with meditation to help me deal with my stress levels, learning to be more mindful helped me to get through some very difficult times.

Nothing ever stays the same –thankfully life has moved on and so have my interests in how I want to work with clients and what I want to deliver and help clients achieve too.   As I’ve gotten older my own interest in anti-aging treatments has naturally increased. Personally, Botox and fillers are not treatments I choose, fortunately however it’s now possible to use non-invasive, clinically proven advanced treatments to rejuvenate the skin whilst respecting the skin as the largest (most remarkable) organ. 

My meditation practice continued and last year I qualified as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation, to enable me to share with clients an invaluable life skill that continually makes such a big difference in my own life today.