Katherine Daniels Pure Pigment Foundation Drops : It’s time to reinvent everything you know about foundation.

1st July 2024

When it comes to foundation we all want that perfect dewy glow without too much fuss and a make-up bag that’s crammed full of foundations, concealer and powder. But do you also consider your skin health when it comes to your make-up? I’ve been a fan and user of mineral make-up for many years but when I discovered Katherine Daniels Pure Pigment Foundation Drops (PPFD) and tried them out, the results credentials and flexibility of this product turned my head!

As a Corneotherapist, offering my clients a foundation product that contains skin beneficial ingredients and only requires a small amount (compared to most normal foundations) to achieve your choice of coverage is essential.

Many of my clients start to wear less make-up as their skin improves, but Katherine Daniels PPFD, gives you the flexibility of applying your colour or colours in different ratios. So whether you’re on the school run, in the office or on a night out all you need is one or two drops to achieve a beautiful finish that never feels heavy.

Katherine Daniels Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

Personalise your foundation

Allow me to introduce you to Award winning, Katherine Daniels Pure Pigment Foundation Drops, available in 4 shades to suit all skin tones. In my opinion Katherine Daniels has created a game-changing, true skincare make-up hybrid, and I think you’re going to love it!

So, if you’re looking for make-up your way, that’s always peachy and never cakey, PPFD give you all the make-up finishes you want. Application using the specially designed Pure Pigment foundation and concealer brush guarantees a flawless airbrushed finish with ease. If you’ve never used a brush before to apply your foundation, I promise you that using one is a revelation.

It’s your make-up! It’s your rules. Some days you want sheer and some days you want more. You’ve got it! Flexi Cover and Flexi Colour.? Some days you want a light colour-correcting coverage (CC Cream). Other days you want an even skin tone, and medium coverage. Sometimes you need concealer to fake a full 8-hours sleep. You always want longevity from your make-up. Applying to a primed skin is a must to achieve a flawless finish.

Perfect for all ages. The dewy finish offers a youthful glow. The silky supple texture won’t ‘fall into’ and accentuate lines or open pores.

Katherine Daniels swatches


One thing I love is that this product enhances your complexion due to the skin beneficial ingredients.
Pure Pigment Foundation Drops are highly concentrated containing:

  • Pure pigments, a drop goes a long way whilst providing exceptional long lasting cover and colour.
  • A blend of spherical powders to blur imperfections.
  • Nourishing oils, Macadamia, Sweet Almond and Avocado oils create a supple luminous finish, with regenerating and antioxidant properties.
  • Vitamin E, both antioxidant and age defence.

No need for a separate concealer

Used alone for under eye shadows and imperfections, just the tiniest amount will provide excellent coverage without being heavy. For the eye, tap underneath the eye with light pressure then using the concealer end of the Katherine Daniels application in light sweeping motions to blend gives the best results. £40

Katherine Daniels DNA

Why you’ll love this product…

It’s a true make-up, skincare hybrid. containing skincare worthy ingredients to enhance your complexion.

It’s your make-up! It’s your rules. Some days you want sheer and some days you want more. You’ve got it! Flexi Cover and Flexi Colour.

You can simplify your make-up routine and reduce the amount of products you need and still achieve your make-up, your way.
Use neat to conceal and mix it with our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to create your foundation – the way you want it, however you’re feeling, whatever you’re doing.  
You can customise your coverage with Pure Pigment Foundation Drops for office days, nights out, shopping at the weekend, Sunday mornings or going to the gym.  
The katherine Daniels Foundation & Concealer Brush gives you a ‘polished’ finish in super quick time. Perfect for when you’re running late or when your pre-school run routine gets chaotic.  

Rose before and after make-up

The perfect pairing: Daily DNA Defence SPF factor 30

The Pure Pigment Foundation Drops formulation took 3 years to perfect and was developed to be used alongside Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence SPF 30. The actual SPF value is 40.9, giving you greater UV protection while being beautifully light and non-oily. Daily DNA Defence does not leave a white finish but rather a primer-like sheen. Pure Pigment Foundation Drops can be used over other SPF products, however, the results may vary and not be as long lasting. When paired together Daily DNA Defence and PPFD provide day-long wear.

A thin layer of this ultralight fluid quickly transforms into an invisible veil, protecting your skin from UVA, UVB,  pollution and blue light(emitted from smartphones and computers.)

Smart ingredients

When our skin is exposed to UV it creates processes within the skin that can lead to inflammation, damage, ageing and sometimes DNA mutations causing cancer.

To help fight against potential damage Katherine Daniels has included 2 DNA repair enzymes:
Photolyase and Phycocyanin. These two ingredients boast a list of skin benefits:

Defence against and repair to damaged DNA (40% in 30 minutes, 100 times faster than human enzymes activated by sunlight.)

Antioxidant – Blocks reactive oxygen species ROS and reactive nitrogen species RNS, responsible for inflammatory chain activation.

Other active ingredients include, Chamomile extract for its calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and Tocopherol Acetate for added antioxidant and anti-free radical anti-free radical protection.

Combined Physical and chemical UVA & UVB filters provide an SPF value of 40.9

Skin is protected from blue light and pigmentation.

Gentle and suitable for the most sensitive skins and babies.

Also ideal for men, who want a light, non-oily SPF. £62

Pure Pigment Foundation Drops before and after

If you’d like to try this amazing new product and find out which colour is right for your skin tone, book in for one of my colour match services. There are two options:

Colour match and tutorial £10
Cleanse and prep facial, with colour match and full face with tutorial. £15

Offer Half price Foundation and concealer brush

Current offer, while stocks last: Purchase your choice of Pure Pigment Foundation Drops and Daily DNA Defence and get a half price Katherine Daniels foundation and concealer application brush saving £12.50

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