What is Corneotherapy : the perfect way to sustainably care for your skin.

14th February 2024

I believe Corneotherapy is the skincare philosophy of the future. With its roots based firmly in science, corneotherapy offers the ability to safely and effectively treat skin conditions and maintain lifelong healthy skin.

What is Corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is a unique approach to skin health that relies on understanding the skin’s physiology and recognises the importance of maintaining the skin’s outermost layer. This outermost layer, the stratum corneum, is essential to our skin health. Known as the skin barrier, it protectively shields your skin from external aggressors, whilst also playing a crucial role in keeping moisture locked in and harmful substances out. This barrier can become compromised over time due to various factors like ageing, environmental stressors, and improper skincare routines.

Where does Corneotherapy originate?

Regarded as the father of cosmeceuticals, pioneering dermatologist Professor Albert Kligman’s earlier studies of the mid-1960s demonstrated the importance of the skin's natural barrier. Dr Kligman stated, “Whenever you see inflamed skin, regardless of its cause, it means the stratum corneum is leaky and permeable. But if you repair the stratum corneum, that tells the underlying tissues that they don’t have to keep reacting as if there is danger in the environment.” So, from Dr Kligman’s work, we know that a healthy skin barrier means healthy skin.

What happens when things go wrong?

Skin is reactive and is often referred to as a first responder. The problem with a compromised skin barrier is that it can trigger continual inflammatory responses via the immune system. Inflammation within the skin drives premature ageing responses and many serious skin conditions which are commonly seen today.


Skin is intelligent. When given what it needs, it can repair, restore and rejuvenate.

It’s tempting in the fabulous and overwhelming world of skincare to grab the latest and most appealing products. But did you ever ask yourself, “What does my skin need?” Well, this is a key element of corneotherapy. Whilst most skincare formulations on the market today are not entirely formulated to care for the skin barrier, corneotherapeutic skincare exceptionally provides the skin with beneficial, skin-similar substances without any harmful ingredients. Additionally, formulations can be customised to treat an individual’s skin problem or concern effectively.

Drug-free alternative to skin conditions

Corneotherapy paves the way for a more targeted and effective skincare regimen. It embraces the principle of treating the cause, rather than the symptoms of skin concerns. Antibiotics, steroids and other medicines are often prescribed by doctors, and sometimes dermatologists, for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, and psoriasis. corneotherapy, on the other hand, has impressed skin professionals with its ability to deliver transformative results by nurturing the skin's natural processes and encouraging optimal skin health. And it’s free of side effects.

Skin ageing and salon treatments

Through corneotherapeutic skincare and methodologies, it's possible to nurture your skin health and when the skin barrier is healthy, its cellular functions are optimised. The skin then has its greatest ability to protect itself from oxidative stress and the natural ageing process. This essentially means that applied corneotherapy is anti-ageing. Regarding professional skin treatments, aimed at skin rejuvenation which rely on cellular responses within the skin, healthy skin will respond optimally too, giving individuals their best results. To quote Dr Lance Setterfield, a world-renowned microneedling expert, “Microneedling and corneotherapy are a marriage made in heaven.”

Photo aged skin

Children's skin

I share concerns highlighted recently in a BBC news article, where dermatologists discussed the dangers of increased skincare use in children as young as eight. With YouTube and Tiktok providing constant “must-have” suggestions for youngsters, the pressures are ever-present. But the unseen potential risks of future skin problems such as eczema and allergies are real. Skin is a living organ and should be respected. Children do not need adult and harsh skincare products. When the time comes, corneotherapeutic skincare is, without a doubt, the best and most skin-compatible skincare choice. Where cost prohibits this, the most gentle skincare possible is appropriate.


What’s different about Corneotherapeutic skincare compared to other skincare?

True corneotherapeutic products do not contain active ingredient cocktails or ingredients that compromise the skin barrier. They are formulated to be free from emulsifiers or consistency agents that require stabilisation with antioxidants. They are also free from emulsifiers that are incompatible with the skin barrier, and those that cannot be degraded by the skin. Products do not contain preservatives with an allergic potential, amines, colours, perfumes or fragrances.

By contrast to conventional skincare, corneotherapeutic skincare products are physically made from skin-like substances and formulations that mimic the skin. Think of it as ingredients that the skin recognises and can utilise.

Working with a Corneotherapist

Corneotherapy allows the individual to take control of their own skin health. It’s often the case that a client thinks I can change their skin. The truth is clients are actually in the driving seat, once they have the correct corneotherapeutic skincare for their unique skin and skin concerns. Regular, consistent use will deliver sustainable results. A corneotherapist assesses and treats each client's skin individually, recognising that no two skins are the same. With corneotherapeutic skincare, optimal skin health is pretty much guaranteed. It may take some time to achieve the best possible results, depending upon the skin's starting point and many other individual factors. A corneotherapist will support the client's skin journey and adapt the skincare required accordingly.

Corneotherapy is for everyone

A corneotherapist can provide skincare solutions for everyone, from babies to the elderly, from nappy rash and cradle cap to fragile skin- and everything in between. It is also oncology safe.

In essence, corneotherapy extends a helping hand to everyone, offering a science-backed, personalised skincare therapy that caters to all ages and conditions and believes in nurturing and fortifying the skin's natural processes rather than disrupting them, advocating for truly healthy and sustainable skin health.